Nintendo 3DS Emulator BIOS problem


  • Joseph132100

    Dude, is there even such a thing as a working 3DS emulator?

  • Trainer Blue

    then do a LP and post on youtube, because i dont believe you!

  • Louink Link


  • Louink Link

    how to download 3ds emulator in window xp?plssss!! :(

  • iZallen

    You do know Pokemon X and Y releases in October 2013. This is for the Japanese version.

  • earl ebon

    open data.dat folder and 3dsbios folder, compare it, its almost dsame file in 2 folder, so its FAKE……….

  • RancorDK


  • Charles Mullon

    nothing happens :3

  • Hacks4free4you

    GO here htt p:// w m/ wat ch?v=Dn2rKA12h4M& f eature=yo

    (remove spaces)

  • Dalavine

    How have you been playing games that haven’t even been releases in ANY country? That’s so awesome! If I didn’t know any better I would think you were working with the people that put this out just to get money through surveys but… yknow…. what do I know?

  • Sihou Lon

    it is obviously fake

  • Artix Boom


  • Artix Boom

    Well, there IS and its THIS one. it works. ive been playing pokemon X and Y with the emulator. Surveys aren’t THAT hard. look at my Comment. sends you the BIOS, your welcome :D

  • Artix Boom

    Guys To ease up your troubles i ACTUALLY DID the survey. Like this so people can see the mediafire link NOTE:YOU ALL OWE ME xD a minecraft premium acc. would be nice :D anyways, here it is.- me diafire(dot) com/?ndew8kl 30xc5f5a – it works. Just figure out where to place the file.

  • CyberMan749Lp

    this is ps1 bios

  • Bryan Chung

    I have the same problem. I duplicated the file and tried to put it everywhere, and it still didn’t work…oh wait, actually, it did…though then it asked for additional plugins and I had to take the survey AGAIN!!! So, I gave up on it. After all, it’s probably going to lag… a lot.

  • Ash Blaze

    see this video:

    and if you want this to:

  • sreekuttan nahum

    to get the bios file we must go through survey which is overall pointless

  • jagwar le

    nothin of nohin

  • jagwar le


  • jagwar le

    you should copy do this

  • Trafalgar Law

    It’s simple,just download the real bios here when you download it..Extract the 3dsbios file to your emulator folder.

    • Valis Criag

      There’s nothing there…